Dark, gothic, epic—that’s The Attic.

The Attic has rose in the music charts like a full moon on a misty night. In the last year alone The Attic has sold globally 20 million records. Their debut album Seventh Soul continues on the rise, selling over 500,000 units in its first two weeks. Seventh Soul reached platinum last month, and there is serious talk about a few Grammys. It’s almost difficult to believe the rise in popularity of the group, having hailed from such a small town as St. Marys, Ohio—boasting a population of just over eight thousand.

The Attic began their career performing at the St. Marys’ Grand Lake Theater and Opera House on late Monday evenings, when the owner of the local bar Rustic Haven asked the trio to unveil themselves on a larger scale with his Friday night club. The rest of it was word of mouth, and soon enough after their appearance at Rustic Haven, The Attic’s lead singer Taylor Walker along with guitar player James Wente and drummer Joe Collins found themselves playing venues such as The A List Lounge, Afterburn, and the Cell Block in Dayton, Ohio.

Along with Walker’s seductive looks, a voice similar to a Kate Bush and an Alanis Morissette; Wente’s grounding in alternative metal and modern rock, his hard, ethereal guitar; and Collin’s added background vocals and consistent drumming The Attic absolutely astounded the Dayton music scene.

“You wouldn’t necessarily think a few people from a little podock town like St. Marys, Ohio could reach such stardom in such a short period of time,” said Collins, “nor would you think that we could produce such dark, gothic pieces.”

“But really, St. Marys was the perfect place to hone our sound,” added Wente.

“It’s so stinking miserable there. There’s a huge lack of jobs, the drinking rate is incredibly high, and there’s this great big lake that’s slowly disappearing—just not it’s smell,” said Collins.

“A lot of our heart, a lot of our experiences growing up in that area went into Seventh Soul,” said Walker.

“Take Cry Baby Bridge, for example,” said Wente.

Cry Baby Bridge is Seventh Soul’s cover song. The title originates from an Ohioan urban myth. “Supposedly, you park your car over a bridge,” said Wente.

“And you hear a baby screaming,” finished Walker.

“Of course, it’s just a story,” said Collins, “but almost every small town in Ohio has a tale like that, and what the song’s really about is an abortion.”

“Which cuts pretty close to Taylor’s heart,” said Wente.

In ’98, Walker had an abortion when she was only sixteen. “The song isn’t about whether abortion is bad or good, but it’s deep,” said Walker.

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